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Bedtime Drink For Weight Loss | Lose 3Kg In a Week

Hi guys, today, I’m sharing a recipe for bedtime weight loss drink, which will melt the stubborn body fat, especially stubborn belly fat. These two-ingredient fabulous moody works wonders. You will see a reduction of two to three inches around your belly area in just a week. This fat loss drink is natural to make super useful as well as super economical too. So let’s get started.


 And the first ingredient we need as an Apple. Apple, as we know, I’ve one of the best foods for weight loss, you can choose any variant of apples, green rant, organic, but ensure to wash it properly before use. The next step is to roughly cut the Apple in either small or large bit that the skin on and seeds removed. Don’t be enough to the surface. It is a lot of fibred present in bullpen skin, which lowers LDL, cholesterol, body weight. And boost digestion, vitamin C and inaudible apples and Lou and Kennedys and regulate our blood sugar.

 The next ingredient is fresh Ginger. We needed around half an inch of ginger BLM. Cut it in 10 slices. If you like to use it with the skin, then washed before using here, I’m using Billy ginger, and as many of you know, I use ginger in many of my just recipes. As it increases fat down, it surpasses appetite and blocks fat absorption. It also lowers cholesterol keeps blood sugar under control, and enhances immunity. Next, take a saucepan and add one cup of water.

How to prepare

Now add the Apple pieces and gender slides, and turn on the heat, govern it with the lid and let the water boil for just four to five minutes. Then turn off the heat and take off the top and let the water cool off a bit. Don’t let it entirely cool off. As you need to consume this drink, warm also do not discard the water as that’s what will be used to make the drink.

 Now take a blender and shift the water along with buoyant, Apple and ginger slices blend until you get a smooth mix like this; it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds. And now a bedtime weight loss smoothie is ready. You need to drink this one to two hours after dinner, and 30 minutes before you sleep. This drink will reduce visceral belly fat with zero side effects and metabolize the body fat while you’ll be asleep.

A few days, you will start seeing drastic changes like body fat percentage going down better digestion and immunity and fewer food cravings. All of these factors will also lead to healthy weight loss. This bedtime drink is safe for all, except for those who are allergic to apples is ginger. Some people wake up hungry that drink will solve this problem. Two, it will keep you full after you wake up, not leaving you miserable, looking for food. Now clarify a few points. Return practice drink. Well, you can choose your glass and the amount of water to be added, but the measurement of the ingredients should not.

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